Craft District Interior Design Showroom  in Bali

Craft District

Craft District is an Indonesian based Homewares, Artcraft and Handicraft Design Company where we use traditional wisdom, cultural heritage to add value.


Local Design & Craftmenship

We are inspired by Indonesia’s unique heritage. Skilled craftsmen including generations of the same family, employ the use of traditional skills. These skills are kept alive and knowledge and techniques are passed down from generation to generation supporting the Indonesian – Balinese Industry. Which every one of their pieces made by hand, and passing through many pairs in the process, each creation is slightly different and it’s just what makes their work so beautiful.

Craft District Organic Black Bowl

Our Collection:

Our collection includes unique craft design, all exclusive artifacts handmade and designed in our workshop in Bali. Reclaimed teak wood, unique pieces, art objects, collected Javanese antiques, stone sculptures & decorative objects, handmade furniture, architectural garden objects and wooden art houses.


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