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“Mary Verspoor, of Indonesian-Dutch descent, has been specialising in designing and creating wooden homeware since 1994. Her collection includes hand-turned ceramic vases, teak wood mirrors, stools, statues and tabletop pieces such as fruit bowls and platters. Each piece shows true craftsmanship, with details at every stage added by hand.

The ethos of her studio is to respect the environment, create fair working conditions for artisans, give back to the community and preserve the traditional technique for generations to come. Most of the products are made of recycled wood.” — ‘Natural Forms by Mary Verspoor | A Homeware exhibition at Amanjiwo’, July – October 2018



As seen in The World Of Interiors
@theworldofinteriors #WOIDesignReport January – May 2020 

Mary Verspoor, owner of Craft District is a Dutch – Indonesian designer based in Bali. Her collection consists of luxury one-of-a-kind pieces, sculptural furniture, and art objects, handmade of durable materials such as reclaimed teak wood. Craft District was established to promote design and craftsmanship in Bali and is the pinnacle of fine design. Craft District’s continuing goal is to support the locals with jobs and creative collaborations, preserving Indonesia’s beauty and inspiring the area of Kerobokan as a creative district.

Visit or follow @craftdistrictshowroom on Instagram for more information. Appointments must be scheduled in advance.


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